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And they don't want to learn how to use a home page.There's no such thing as a training class or a manual for a Web site." /The lead character is a thief at the beginning of the movie; while he grows to become something else, he's basically a cynic in the classic noir tradition.Frequent profanity, including regular use of "f--k." C-word used once.Usability describes the quality of user experience across websites, software, products, and environments.According to Jakob Nielsen, "Studies of user behavior on the Web find a low tolerance for difficult designs or slow sites.

Cam Voice allows you to see, hear and chat with friends all over the world through your web browser.Language includes "f--k," "c--t," and "p--sy." While the movie addresses the sexual abuse of the lead characters and her sister, there is also a scene in which Downey Jr.'s character, even after knowing what the lead character/love interest/crush from his teen years went through, speaks disparagingly about women in Los Angeles and how they've all been sexually abused and that's why they act the way they do.He's later tortured by bad guys, shown screaming in excruciating pain while getting electric shocks to his testicles.In a voice-over, lead character says that he is "wetter than Drew Barrymore at a grunge club." Overall, the stylized cynicism and unrelenting violence and profanity make this a movie for older teens and adults only.Lead character tortured by electric shock to his testicles.

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